The Art of food – Top 5 Restaurants in Dubai

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The Art of food – Top 5 Restaurants in Dubai

Since its establishment in the 18th Century as a fishing village, Dubai has matured into a hub of luxuries from around the world. This destination and its food are quintessentially cosmopolitan. Yet there are still some treasures from its past that are waiting to be discovered.

The top five restaurants in Dubai provide an eclectic mix of modern food marvels, with international influences as well as some venues where classic Emirati cuisine gets the spotlight.

1. Arabian Teahouse Restaurant and Café – Al Fahidi

For the best in Emirati, Arabic, and Middle Eastern cuisine, foodies flock to the Arabian Teahouse Restaurant and Café. Located in the Al Fahidi historical neighborhood near Dubai Creek, this restaurant is a true reflection of traditional Dubai culture.

The surrounding architecture makes use of conventional building materials like sandalwood, palm fronds, and gypsum that gives the buildings a warm patina reminiscent of the surrounding sand. Arab motifs abound in the neighborhood, and cozy pathways lead visitors to museums, arts and crafts shops, and to this cultural gem.

The menu at the Arabian Teahouse Restaurant and Café features an array of celebrated Emirati dishes like:

  • Emirati Salad with a host of aromatic herbs, chickpeas, and citrus juices
  • Emirati Breakfast with scrambled eggs, black olives, marinated eggplant, and labneh
  • Wraps featuring a variety of grilled meats
  • Signature flatbread formed into a heart shape

You can also choose among 150 different teas, including mint lemonade or black tea with a mix of herbs and fruit. Stop in for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night fare, and rest assured that there will be plenty of healthy choices on offer. There are vegetarian, vegan, Halal, and gluten-free options available, so everyone can enjoy this charming, leaf-canopied dining experience.

2. Zuma

If contemporary Japanese cuisine in the heart of metropolitan Dubai is what you’re looking for, reserve your seat at Zuma Dubai. Situated near the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building – this posh restaurant is in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

The restaurant’s swanky interior space includes a main dining area that spans two floors, with a dramatic staircase and guest elevator. It also houses a Sushi and Robata counter, Wine and Sake cellars, a bar bathed in warm antique wood, two opulent lounges, and an air-conditioned terrace.

When it comes to the food at Zuma, simplicity and elegance are the rule for presentation, yet the flavors are bold and energetic. Dishes include:

  • Starters like Gyu no tataki with seared beef seasoned with soy, ginger, lime, and coriander
  • Ko ebi no tempura yuzu togarashi mayo featuring rock shrimp, green peas, wasabi, and chilli dip
  • Yasai no tempura moriawase featuring assorted vegetables

Comprehensive menu offerings include a variety of sushi, as well as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. The food is not traditional, but is instead a dynamic, modern rendering of the Japanese culinary parade.

3. Em Sherif Cafe

For the best in Lebanese dining and upscale ambiance, look no further than Em Sherif Restaurant. In the midst of downtown Dubai. This popular restaurant is located near the 12-hectare man made Burj Khalifa lake and its massive Dubai Fountain. Dubai Mall is also nearby, as well as Burj Park with plenty of attractive green space.

Prepare to dine in palatial ambiance under high ceilings dripping with chandeliers, tall columns and long, lush curtains framing your views. Tuxedo-clad servers will tend carefully to your every whim as you enjoy food served on classic silver and fine China.

A few of the dining options at Em Sherif Café are:

  • Sandwiches including Taouk, Chicken Msakhan, Meat Shawarma
  • Your choice of Grills including Beef Skewers, Lamb Chops, Kebabs
  • Desserts including Tarbouchna, Knefeh, and Honey Cake

You won’t want to miss the Mezze offerings, either. Mezze dishes combine hot and cold options, including  meats, vegetables, breads, and sauces, all served as a collection of ingredients to mix and match. There are over 10 hot mezze offerings, like Hummus with Meat, Grilled Halloumi, and Shrimp with Red Chilli Sauce.

Top off your meal with Arabic Coffee, Cappuccino, or Kusmi Tea.

4. CE LA VI Dubai

Celebrated for its dramatic vistas of the downtown Dubai skyline and its contemporary Asian food, CE LA VI is located on level 54 of Tower 2 of the Skyview Hotel. It is near Burj Park, the Burj Khalifa, the mall, and several fountains.

The hotel rests 220 meters above sea level and has one of the highest rooftops in the city. Amenities that accompany the restaurant include a spectacular Pool Deck and a SkyBar with seating that provides a breathtaking connection with the skyline, separated only by a continuous sheet of stylish glass.

You’ll enjoy creative interpretations of Asian fare, like these starters:

  • Crispy Potato Hash “Okonomiyaki Style”
  • Dried Chilli Fried Chicken Wings
  • Sweet and Savoury Shiitake Mushroom Donuts

Interesting raw offerings, including:

  • Wagyu Beef and Prawn Toast
  • Foie Gras Terrine Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jelly

And main dishes like:

  • Australian Wagyu Striploin
  • Veal Chop Katsu
  • A large Stockyard Porterhouse Steak or T-bone Steak with sides, made for sharing

CE LA VI blends its stunning atmosphere and elite service with a sophisticated menu that manages at the same time to be fun and exciting.

5. La Petite Maison (LMP) French Restaurant, Dubai

La Petite Maison is a sunny dining spot and a favorite among French food lovers, but it also has some prized Mediterranean and European dishes on the menu. It is located in Gates Village in the DIFC. The location is surrounded by high-end shopping, luxury hotels like the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons, plus a Christie’s Auction house.

The classy interior is bright and airy. Sophisticated white wood-paneled walls with generous moulding are accented with colorful artwork. An outdoor dining space has woven chairs and a natural reed canopy with vines leaves peeking through it.

LPM serves lunch and dinner, and you can choose from menu items that include:

  • Carpaccio De Thon: Tuna carpaccio with hazelnut
  • Escargots De Bourgogne: snails with garlic butter and parsley
  • Bar Du Chili Grille: grilled Chilean bass with chilli and lemon confit
  • Gratin Dauphinois: potato gratin

Additionally, you can enjoy a generous offering of wines and cocktails, available between 4pm and 7pm at the restaurant bar. La Petite Maison offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, so feel free to dig in, no matter your dietary preferences.

Enjoy Flavors from Around the Globe in Dubai

Dubai has distinguished itself as a place where the world’s finest cuisine is mastered and can be truly appreciated. No matter what your palate is craving, there is sure to be a place that offers the savory flavors and refined atmosphere you seek. TTW Corporate Services can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, and see to all the details of your visit. Call us to make your reservations today.