Top 6 Interior Design Trends for Luxury Living.

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Top 6 Interior Design Trends for Luxury Living.

Luxury design is high art that transcends definition and leaves room for the evolution of human expression. Yet in practice, design sticks to some fundamental ideals, like exclusivity and the purity of materials and forms. It is a balancing act of earthly function and sublime vision.
Luxe design trends come and go, but each strives for authenticity. Every idea seeks to take us back to our natural roots while at the same time helping us to transcend the natural world. Take some time to explore the top six interior design trends for luxury living, to discover which approaches appeal most to you.

1. Minimalism

The clean uncluttered look of a well-appointed modern interior never ceases to create a sense of calm. This is why the appeal of minimalist design never completely goes out of style. The desire to scale down the accumulation of clutter rises within cultures following periods of uncertainty, but recedes again when people feel more secure.

Modern minimalist design reminds us that there is no need to fluctuate wildly between conspicuous consumption and bohemianism. We can luxuriate in sumptuous leathers and intricate fabrics, beautiful stones, stunning vistas, and colors galore. Yet, combining too many of these elements in one place can prevent us from fully appreciating any of them. Less is more!

Minimalist décor is a favorite among those who appreciate

  • Serene muted colors with an accent of boldness here and there
  • Simple unfussy furniture with clean lines
  • Dramatic lines that draw the eyes to exterior views that speak for themselves
  • Bright open spaces
  • Creative manipulation of lighting that makes it a key design element

A minimalist interior never has to be cold or boring. It can serve as the perfect canvas for bold pieces of furniture, paintings, sculptures, or other statement pieces that might not be as noticeable in a busy space.

2. Warm Natural Palettes

As more people are embracing the principles of holistic living, the idea of connecting with nature through design continues to gain popularity. Interiors that employ nature’s primary color palette are preferred, because those colors help us feel grounded and secure.

Picture the following materials and note which feelings they evoke:

  • Terracotta
  • Lemon
  • Sage
  • Turmeric
  • Sand
  • Indigo
  • Slate
  • Snow

There is a broad spectrum of hues that bring sunny days, cozy winter nights, forest rains, and ocean waves to mind. They also have a knack for matching anything, and they look good year-round. The spectrum of browns, tans and grays in particular serve as grounding neutrals that provide a warm and inviting backdrop for any style.

3. Bold Statement Pieces

Form takes center stage when bold sculptural statement pieces accent your interior. From curvy chaise lounges to shapely candy-colored side tables, steamer trunks, and whimsical lamps, these items are fun and unexpected, and they give visitors something to talk about.

Depending on its scale, a single statement piece may be all you need to bring visual gaiety to a room with otherwise muted tones. The great thing about bold statement items is that they are works of art in their own right. They don’t have to match anything, and they play well alongside other pieces in a room that evokes a similar mood.

To give your interior a splash of color, fun, or depth, consider popular statement items like

  • The Isola Ceramic Conic Side Table in Purple by Cara/Davide for Portego
  • The Sculpted Oak Chair by Laura Gonzalez
  • The Found Indian Door Statement Leaner Mirror by Restoration Hardware

4. Self-Expression

For many, a desire to seize the day is a nagging urge in our current times. An eagerness to move beyond fears and limitations imposed by others is creating a renewed appreciation for self-expression in art and design.

One of the most important rules of design, after all, is that rules are meant to be broken. This gives us license to let our hair down and create spaces that suit our fancy, rules be damned.

Some go for lavish animal prints plastered on walls and floors. Others choose to paint with bright pinks, purples, neon greens, or dark shades of gray and black. World travelers create themed rooms, each holding the artifacts of some distant corner of the globe. Some choose a favorite hobby or a beloved collection of items like comic books, toys, or the preserved spoils of hunting, showcasing them on every surface that will tolerate “just one more” piece.

This trend of self-expression in interior design allows homeowners and designers to express a sense of freedom that they are forging for themselves in today’s hyper-controlled environment.

5. Home Office Spaces

Specialization is a common quality of high design. Craftsmanship and precision in fabrication often require skills for developing a key specialty. In many instances, luxury means exclusivity.

Today, the need for versatility and adaptation is undeniable. With a significant segment of the world’s population working from home, interior spaces are evolving to include space for work.

Remodeling projects involving the addition of brand new home offices have increased. Kitchens in particular have expanded to include more open space for desks and large kitchen islands that can double as work surfaces for children engrossed in virtual learning.

Unique items like the Wesley Desk from 17 Stories for Wayfair, or the Italian Designer Ebony Gloss Veneer Luxury Desk by Juliettes Interiors, allow owners to flaunt their style while adapting to the times.

6. Edible Gardens

What better way to embrace nature and take destiny into your own hands than by cultivating an edible garden? Deck and patio container gardens, backyard vegetable gardens, and home greenhouses have recently increased in popularity. Not only do they provide essential food, but they can also serve as transition spaces between indoors and outdoors.

Screened porches and greenhouses allow us to blend the security of shelter with the wild freedom of nature. They offer a daily opportunity to get out of the house and into the sunlight for that much-needed dose of Vitamin D. Gardens provide one more way for us to enjoy design that keeps us grounded and helps us to evolve into our best selves.

Luxury Means Living Well

Today’s high design trends reflect our hopes and our tenacity. They offer endless opportunities for us to get lost in the intrigue of beauty and abandon ourselves to fun.

If you’d like more tips from experts who can help you create the luxury interiors of your dreams, contact TTW Corporate Services. With our concierge services, we can locate unique and exclusive pieces for your design project and connect you with the world’s most creative designers.