Who Needs a Private Jet?
You Do!

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Who Needs a Private Jet?
You Do!

Most people never fly first class, never mind traveling in a private jet. But with a pandemic making air travel more complicated and riskier than ever, many people are weighing cost against convenience, and the ease and safety of private air travel is coming out the winner. 

You don’t need to invest in your own private jet to enjoy the convenience and comfort of non-commercial air travel. You can rent or charter the perfect private luxury aircraft to meet your needs.

Why Charter a Private Jet?

If you travel with any frequency, you know that flying on commercial aircraft can take all day, even for just an hour or two of actual air time. Checking in, checking bags and slogging through long lines at airport security is exhausting and time consuming. Once you’ve finally boarded the aircraft, you can sit on the tarmac for an eternity while the flight crew waits for clearance to take off. 

Meanwhile, you’re cloistered in close proximity to dozens of fellow passengers whose health status is a complete mystery. Even first class passengers breathe the same air as passengers in coach, mask or no mask. And every time you fly, you run the risk of flight delays and cancellations that are completely beyond your control. 

By the time you land and retrieve your baggage, you are likely to feel and look exhausted and bedraggled, and your immune system goes into overdrive due to reduced oxygen from masking and overall system-wide fatigue. 

Private air travel is an entirely different experience, sparing you from the rigors of commercial flying and freeing you to arrive at your destination relaxed, refreshed and ready to do business. 

The Advantages of Private Air Travel

Chartering a private jet – or purchasing one if you can afford it – has many advantages that outweigh the cost. Whether you fly frequently for business, or you simply want to get to your destination unruffled and prepared to meet with friends or colleagues, private air travel is the fastest and most convenient way to fly.

  • Avoid long lines and the crush of airport traffic. From the time you enter the airport premises to the time you board your plane, you can expect to stand in long lines that move at a snail’s pace, wasting time and creating stress. You can completely eliminate that unpleasant experience by chartering a private jet. 
  • Customize your in-flight services. No more mystery snacks, bad coffee and drinks served in plastic cups. With a private charter, you can pick and choose from a wide range of luxury services and amenities that don’t skimp on quality. 
  • Set your own itinerary. Flying commercial is like taking a bus: you are constrained by the airline’s schedule, with no guarantee that your flight will depart or land on time. A private charter lets you set your own schedule and stick to it, with minimal risk of cancellations or delays.
  • Stretch out and relax. As the population has gotten bigger, commercial aircraft seating has shrunk dramatically, with almost zero leg or elbow room. A private jet offers comfy seating, with plenty of room to spread out and relax.
  • Optimize your air time. Anyone who has ever tried to work on an aircraft knows what a challenge it can be. Between cramped space, constant interruptions and limited wifi access, your productivity drops to an all time low. A private jet offers the space and amenities you need to work productively, with minimal discomforts or distractions. 
  • Enjoy complete privacy. If you need to keep a low profile, a private jet is the way to go. Whether you’re dodging the paparazzi, have a top-secret business meeting or you’re jetting off for a clandestine rendezvous, a private jet offers the ultimate security and privacy. 
  • Protect your health. Let’s face it, commercial air travel can be downright nasty. Touching multiple shared surfaces, interacting with hundreds of other travelers and breathing in the fumes while you wait for ground transport, all while wearing a mask, is just plain bad for your health. And we won’t even mention those cramped and filthy bathrooms on commercial aircraft. A private jet lets you travel mask-free without the risk of infection, with spacious quarters for freshening up before you land.
  • Arrive in the epitome of style. What better way to make an impactful first impression than arriving on a private chartered jet?

When to Charter a Private Jet

Everyone has their own reasons for flying private vs commercial, but there are certain occasions and circumstances that call for the ultimate travel experience of a luxury private jet. 

Consider a private luxury jet charter when you:

  • Have a critical timeline to get to your destination, with no margin for delays.
  • Need to fly to a remote location and want to avoid multiple flights. 
  • Want to impress prospective clients.
  • Need to pow-wow with your team on the way to your business meeting.
  • Require privacy and security from the media and paparazzi.
  • Want to indulge in the ultimate luxury transport to celebrate a special occasion.

Travel in Comfort and Style with a Private Charter Jet from TTW

When you need to get to your destination on time, and want to arrive relaxed and ready to do business, a private luxury jet is the ultimate solution. At TTW, we offer rentals, charters and sales of luxury private aircraft to meet your needs. Contact our expert team today, and explore your options for reaching your destination in comfort, privacy, safety and style.